Rembrandt and His Works


Rembrandt and His Works

Rembrandt Van Rijn originally spelled his name Rembrant. He lived from 15th July 1606 being born in Leiden, Netherlands and passed on 14th October 1669 in Amsterdam.

A great artist, who was able to capture his subjects showing various moods interpreteed through his brushwork. He favoured the depiction of his subjects in a realistic style, showing women as voluptuous. Rather than improving on their beauty, he would paint them as they truly were.


A master of painting groups too, the painting above depict a rather macabre scene where a surgeon is dissecting a corpse for the edification of his peers.

Note the detail in the musculature of the “skinned” arm and hand. You do not get much more realistic than that.

Rembrandt surely deserves his place amongst the Old Masters.

Moving forward to a modern medium, film.

Today in 1988 saw the premiere of Die Hard which catapulted Bruce Willis into Hollywood star status. The only other thing he had been popular in prior to this was, I believe, a TV series named Moonlighting which he co-starred with Sybill Shepherd.

It was also the day in 1903 when the Ford Motor Company took it’s first order.

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