Rafael Nadal 1 Sad Statement

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal ready to return serve at the Australian Open

Rafael Nadal Retires?

In a recent interview at the Wimbledon Grand Slam Tournament, Raffa said something that surprised the reporters and is bound to stun the tennis world.

Rafael Nadal’s rankings show that in his illustrious career he is currently number two in the world singles ATP rankings he has held the number one spot 8 times with two sets of concurrent years and one run of 4 consecutive years from 2008 till 2011.

And now at Wimbledon 2019, he has said he feels he is no longer able to run the distance required for the long rallies in Grand Slams tournaments. Rafael Nadal not fit? Really? Raffa also said that because of this, his game plan was becoming more focussed on winning quick points.

So I wonder, are you and I going to witness a changing of the guard with new blood taking up the mantle of superior play coupled with humility and respect? Which relatively new player do you think is capable of filling the shoes of one of tennis’s all-time greats?


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