Petrol Companies Rip Us Off, ACCC Sues Google HAH!

See How Petrol Companies Rip Us Off

petrol companies rip us off

petrol companies rip us off

So the ACCC sues Google, what a croc. Petrol companies rip us off. What we want, especially in WA is for the ACCC to show some guts and stop the petrol companies from doing this.

Petrol prices have two habits. One is to have one day in the week when they are 5 or 6 cents cheaper and then jump up by that amount the next day. Then slowly reduce to the lower price again.

There is no logical reason for this. We motorists and bike riders would love to see the price remain steady for at least a week at a time.

The second habit is for the price to always go up the instant crude oil prices rise but conversly to take weeks to revert to the lower price once the crude oil price drops back down.

Petrol companies rip us off like this now as they have done for years. We must have forked out hard earned cash to the tune of millions of dollars over the years Australia wide.

So come on ACCC. Do something about this. Flex your muscles in a way that is tangible for a change. Sort out the petrolprice fiasco once and for all and let us start being charged fairly.

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