Observations On The Christchurch Massacre

christchurch massacre
Chris Stefanis

Chris Stefanis

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The Christchurch Massacre - Why?

This was a horrific event in the history of New Zealand. I think that the Christchurch massacre will leave lasting repercussions in a beautiful city.

It is possible that this attack will lead to a change in the gun laws in NZ.  This can only be a good thing. In my opinion, there is no need for anyone to possess an automatic or semi-automatic weapon. I also believe that there is no good reason for a civilian to own a pistol of any kind.

I saw a segment on channel 7’s Sunrise show where they played a recording of a male who had joined the gun club where accused gunman Brenton Tarrant honed his skill as a marksman. This gentleman stated that he had joined the gun club and on his first visit to it he was horrified to hear many of the people there talking about shooting people, along with lots of racist hatred.

He cancelled his membership straight away and later reported to the police what he has witnessed and was told, in essence, not to worry about it as they were all a bit weird in that neck of the woods. If that statement was true, it makes me feel sick.

This attack could just as easily occurred in a Catholic, Anglican, Uniting Church, Presbyterian and Reformed, Eastern Orthodox, Baptist or Lutheran Church.

We do not want bigotry in Australia and New Zealand. We need to ensure that the education of our children includes a lesson in tolerance.

If we as decent people can teach our kids that everyone is entitled to worship their God in peace we can strive towards a world in which we are all equal.

We also need to let our governments know that we want strict gun laws to be enforced. Regardless of the political party in power.

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