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Notre Dame Cathedral Destroyed

Chris Stefanis

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Notre Dame Cathedral Destroyed

Notre Dame Cathedral has been an icon a French life and resilience for over 700 years.

The Cathedral at Notre Dame was first begun in 1163. It took a further 182 years to complete with completion occurring in the year 1345.

Often mistaken for Gargoyles, the Grotesques that adorn the Cathedral are meant to depict people in a humorous way. They were often based upon patrons of that particular Cathedral. Grotesques are easily distinguished from Gargoyles as they do not have a water spout wheras Gargoyles do.

The fire that ripped through Notre Dame Cathedral did what hundreds of years of revolutions and invasions plus two World Wars could not do. Fortunately,

the authorities have stated that the facade(s) have survived destruction. However, there must have been countless artworks and ceiling frescoes that have been lost.

The husband of Salma Hayek, Gucci billionaire François-Henri Pinault has stated that he will be giving $100 million Euros to aid the restoration of the iconic Cathedral. So, the beauty and wonder of the Cathedral have been lost to visitors and pilgrims of the current generation. We can look forward to it being available for future generations thanks to Monsieur Pinault’s generosity.

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