Nick Kyrios Fined For Meltdown

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Kyrios Blows Another Fuse

Oh Dear, he has done it again. Nick Kyrios has riled tennis sports commentators with his latest meltdown at the Cincinnati Masters. He had won the first set against his Russian opponent, Karen Khachanov. Then the demons struck him again. He threw a towel over a camera forcing the broadcaster to switch to an overhead view.

Kyrios went on to verbally abuse the chair umpire Fergus Murphy with a string of profanities. Vision was captured of him smashing tennis racquets in the corridor.

Ben Fordham, a Sydney radio presenter for 2GB said Kyrgios “needs a psychiatrist, medication and a straitjacket.”[*]

Will the $167,000 fine make any difference? Doubtful.

With this latest outburst, Nick Kyrios is rapidly using up the last vestiges of respect that may have existed within the sporting community at large. Personally, I do not think that the fine is a proper punishment. It should have been backed up with a 6-month ban. He will miss out on two majors including the Australian Open.

What are your thoughts?

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