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new moon race
Space Race
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The Space Race Is Now The Moon Race

The Space Race was during the Cold War between mainly the USA and the USSR. Each “side” tried to continually outdo the other in its achievements with space travel. Russia was first to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile (the R-7) and put the worlds first satellite in orbit.

The Americans are said to have won the space race as they were the first to succeed in landing on the Moon. The space race lasted from 1955 to 1975. We now have a new race being referred to as the  Moon Race. Although East and West are both capable of landing on the Moon, the new objective is to

set up a base on the Moon.

The Moon Race will see a permanent base on the Moon with people living there and conducting experiments. They may set up an observatory but, ultimately, the intention will be to construct spacecraft on the site.

These spacecraft will likely be made on Earth in sections which will be shuttled to the Moon for assembly. This will give them the ability to launch spacecraft from the surface of the moon much easier than possible from Earth due to the escape velocity required being much lower as the Moon’s gravitational pull is only 1/6th of that on Earth.

Man will no longer need to rely on the photographs from probes or vision from rovers on Mars. We will be able to put a Human on Mars and get first-hand information from the planet’s surface.

Space exploration has long been the subject of science fiction movies. It will soon be a reality.

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