An Important Day In Motoring History

motoring history

Motoring history gets a shake-up

The date was August 30th 1959, motoring history and motoring in general, sat up and took notice.

The Mini was born. Costing £497, the Mini offered fantastic space, economy, and thrills to boot. With its puny 850cc engine, it came out at just the right time with fuel shortages and petrol costs rising.

With a ground clearance of just 6 inches, it had a top speed of 74mph (119km/h). Add to that a chassis that gave the feeling that the car was cornering on rails, and it rapidly gained popularity with the young drivers of the day. It’s qualities also led to successes in rallies, racing and hill climbs.

Looking at today’s version, you can see the heritage.

I certainly wouldn’t refuse a modern Mini if they were giving them away, but I do feel that the car has lost some of the soul the original Mini had.

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