The Beauty Myth

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Why Do Women Want To Lose Weight Fast?

It seems that the perception of many women feel they have to lose weight fast and need to be thin to be attractive.

Not so. The average male would appreciate the softness of a shapely woman. I am not saying that thin women are unattractive, simply that larger women can be just as  attractive.

losing weight

You do not need to be wafer thin to look good. Nor do you need to have lots of makeup, perhaps none at all.

Dress well. Ignore the labels on clothes. There not much in the way of quality control in clothes these days and the label is probably wrong.

You no doubt have some items in the wardrobe that are labeled say, a 10, with others a 12 yet both fit you.

What Men Are looking For

The Beauty Myth has it that men want a thin woman with flawless complexion. That is the main thing we want.

Actually no, it’s not. We want a woman who has some curves, not a stick insect. We want someone who is happy in themselves and can enjoy life with us, sharing the highs and lows.

Who cares what size you are.

Yes there is a cut-off point when a woman becomes unattractive. For me, that would be when she just stops looking after herself.

We know that we are not perfect ourselves. The media has a lot to answer for in this respect for both sexes. Television uses camera angles and lighting to give an unrealistic image and magazines Photoshop images all the time.

Lastly, and this goes for both sexes, be yourself. There is no point starting out on a relationship pretending to be something you are not. No-one wins that way.

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