Liquid Lost And Gained

If you were asked to name a liquid what would it be?


We have a huge number of liquids in existence. They range from Acetone through Cane Syrup, Formaldehyde, Polyglycol to Zinc Oxide and everything in between. I found a list of 292 on the site of

However, on the Periodic Table, there are only 2 liquid elements. Bromine (Br) and mercury (Hg) exist as liquid at standard temperature and pressure.

So why is say, Orange juice, not included. Simply because under normal circumstance, it remains contained within the Orange. And what about water?

Then there is water.

And this is what we really need to talk about.


There is a continual cycle of water being gained in our rivers, lakes and dams by rainfall or melted snow and ice. Then we lose it by evaporation, rivers emptying into the sea, us using it for teas, coffees, washing etc.

And Then We Waste It

So we have all like to have nice gardens. Fair enough. I do too. You can have a nice garden without wasting water. How many times have you driven along a road and gone through water on the road that has run off from a garden. Wasted water.

Get those sprinklers adjusted. The timer is probably set for too long a period.


Our Councils


These are some of the worst offenders for wasting water. Typical of a government body telling us what to do while ignoring their own rules.


I see very regularly, as I am sure you do, public open spaces with the reticulation system running in working hours. And they pump out a lot of water.


As our evaporation rate is very high in Western Australia, this is wasting water.


Sure, it is bore water. Bore water comes from the water table. We get lots of our water from the aquifers. Tell your local MP that you want to see the watering times changed to be in line with domestic rules.

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