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coming out day
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The LGBTQ Community's Day

If you are part of the LGBTQ community, the 11th of October is a special day for you.

Historically, gay people have been frowned upon at best, or worse, jailed and subjected to hormonal castration or electric shock “treatment”.


How old is homosexuality?*

If we look further back in history we can find examples of gay activity as far back as the Mesolithic period.

The Mesolithic period was from the 96th century to the 50th century BC. There are rock paintings from that period that have been interpreted as two males engaged in intercourse. So being gay is nothing new.

Coming Out Day

Tomorrow, the 11th of October is known as Coming Out Day. It is the day when you should cast aside your fears of rejection by family and friends and be true to yourself. There is a  lot of support available for you, just Google gay helpline Australia.

If your friends are true friends they will think no less of you as a person. And I see no reason why your family should stop loving you for being honest.

*Source Wikipedia

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