Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau – Brownface Photo

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologised for a “brownface photo” which was taken during his attendance at a Vancouver private school back in 2001. Is this PC gone mad? Do we need to ban themed parties?

Trudeau has unreservedly apologised saying that when he attended the Arabian Nights themed party he should have known better, but didn’t.

Did he harm anyone? No, not really.

Were the people at the party offended? It appears not going by the photo released in the press.

Why was nothing said about this when he was first elected as Prime Minister of Canada? Because the dirt diggers of the opposition are better at their job than the first time around.

We see actors playing out roles on TV, movies and on stage. Sometimes they are playing characters who are wife beaters or racists.

Are they held accountable? No.

Why not? Because they are acting.

And acting is really what PM Trudeau was doing back in 2001. He dressed up as a character. That was all he did.

So I guess we will need to ban costume or themed parties after all.

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