Its A Dogs Life

Chris Stefanis

Chris Stefanis

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Its a dogs life, or, Being Harry

Humans say it’s a dog’s life, meaning that it would be great to be a dog. Well, let me tell you how it really is.

My name is Harry, and my Humans love me. I am sure of that. But sometimes I really do wonder.

For example, I get my breakfast every morning when the first Human gets up. But that is at different times every day. And to make matters worse, one of my Humans will give me my dinner at 4 pm.  So some days I go for 8 hours between meals, and others it’s up to 16 hours.

So a couple of weeks back my humans picked up my lead and my friend Toby’s too. We both thought, yay! we are going for a walk. But no. Instead, they put us both into a big metal kennel on wheels and took us to a place we had never seen before. The Human there seemed quite friendly and my Humans just handed our leads to him and went away in the metal kennel!

The new Human put us in cages and fed us regularly. They let us out in a big yard to play with lots of other dogs every day. But, to be honest, it was really quite boring.

About two Human weeks later, our Humans came back and the nice female Human we had met brought us out of our cages and they put us both in a harness.

Well, I remembered that the last time I was in that harness, I was brought here. I looked around and quickly got very excited.  I could see for miles around. I spotted a pond with ducks in it and thought that it would be fun to chase them. So wriggling and wriggling, I managed to get out of the harness and went straight for those ducks.

My male human and the new female Human ran after me calling my name. Wow! This was fun. Even the Humans had joined in the game.

When I reached the pond all the ducks flew away. Seems they don’t like playing. It did not matter though. The Humans were still playing!

The side of the pond had a steep slope to it and we were all having a high old time with the Humans trying to catch me, and me being so quick, I dodged them easily. They were getting better at the game and started to corner me so I went down to the edge of the pond intending to swim across to the little island in the middle. But the water was a weird green colour, and it smelt very odd, so I decided I had had enough of the game for now and went over to my Human and pretended to let him catch me.

We went back to the metal kennel and my humans took me and Toby back to their big stone kennel where they gave Toby and I some food.

It looks like it is back to the old routine. Some things never change.

It’s a dog’s life.

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