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Its A Dogs Life Diary Episode 1

Its A Dogs Life Diary Episode 1

Welcome to It’s A Dogs Life Diary episode 1. This is my friend Alice. She came over to visit today and we had a high old time. My Human would through my toy turtle for me to fetch, which I joyfully did with Alice running after me. I would drop the turtle at my Human’s feet and as he tried to pick it up, Alice grabbed it and bolted out of our door into the garden beyond.

I, of course, followed her out there and was distracted by a scent that wafted past my nose on the breeze. I went over to the source of the scent which was a plant pot.

I was, quietly sniffing the aroma of a Toby, my housemate who had visited the plant pot and cocked a leg against it earlier in the day. I was just considering adding my own two drips worth when I heard a sudden noise in the driveway. 

It was that Human on a motorbike again. He pulled some bits of paper out of his bag and stuffed them inside our decorative post thingy. This was unforgivable. We did not want his rubbish on our property. Rest assured, when my Human came outside, I would greet him with an update on the day’s events. Now, where was I?

Oh yes, that plant pot. That is Toby pictured above. He always joins in when there is someone or something to bark at, but he is not really that much of a player. Now Milo’s another matter altogether. When we got together the last time we chase each other like crazy. I was pretty tired after that day. Perhaps I will tell you about that next time. Woof Woof.

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