Meghan Markle

Meaghan Markles Pedigree

Is Meghan Markle of suitable pedigree to marry Prince Harry?


Meghan Markle was born of a father with a Dutch, Irish and English heritage from early USA settlers. Her mother comes from African Americans that were originally slaves in the US state of Gorgia.

meaghan markles pedigree

 It could be said that Meghan is proud of her heritage, although it did cause her some difficulty in her early acting career. She found that she was unable to be cast as a black person nor a white person as her skin tone was neither.

She grew up in Tinseltown and attended bot schools in the region and university in the state of Illinois obtaining a bachelor degree theatre and international studies. Meghan took up an acting career and supported herself between the few roles she obtained by doing calligraphy.

Meghans acting pedigree

She is best known for her role in suits, but also had appearances in Century

City, The War At Home, CSI New York and did modeling jobs while also appearing on the show deal Or No Deal (US) as a suitcase girl. She certainly took every opportunity that presented itself.


She was married to actor/producer Trevor Engelson in 2004 and divorced in 2011. Nothing new there for Royals have been known to marry divorcees in the past.

Meaghans Charity Work

As far as charity works, Meghan has been involved with One Young World, speaking in 2014 on gender equality and slavery in todays world. She traveled to Afghanistan and Spain as part of the United Service Organizations Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Holiday Tour.

In 2016, Meghan Markle became a global ambassador for World Visions Canadians operation and travelled to Rwanda promoting the Clean Water Campaign. Meghan thinks of herself as a feminist.


She brought attention to the issues concerning Indian women and has been an advocate for the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.


You can see from this that she has firm views and commitment to the well-being of others.

Ok, so does she have the pedigree to marry Prince Harry and, more importantly, make it work?


I believe she does. What do you think?

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