Internet Day

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Internet Day

When the internet first began it consisted of just two computers that were linked together. The internet crashed for the first time on the day it was invented. The user was trying to send a message but the system crashed after just two letters, L and O. You can see the original internet (or first ever website) here. Fabulous stuff, NOT!

But seriously, that first day led to us being able to talk and see people on the other side of the world almost as if they were in the room. And it is improving daily.

But on the flip side, the internet has been very damaging. We are addicted to our screens and would find it very difficult to get through a days work without the support blanket of our mobile phone.

In addition to this, we have lost the ability to communicate with each other.

Yes, we talk and text all the time. today’s generation would find it a challenge to actually write a letter. A new type of bully has appeared, the cyber bully. It is all too easy for anyone to write something derogatory. Then there is the person who posts regularly to social media. If they do not get any likes on the post, they feel like they are being sent to what I refer to as Cyber Coventry.

Kids are bullied by text or photos being sent to them once the “nasties” get hold of their phone number. This means that the child cannot escape the bullying at the end of the school day, as you or I may have done in the seventies.

For all the good the internet has brought, it is difficult to reconcile that with the increased suicide rate of our youths.

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