International Youth Day 12th August

international youth day

International Youth Day

International youth day is a cross-culture event that is held on August 12th worldwide each year.

The aim is to promote the needs of today’s young people aged between 10 and 24. The young men sitting here could be mistaken for a small group of gang members. They are actually all good mates.

This photo shows that there does not need to be a conflict in cultures or ethnicity in our society.

How you can get involved

You can aid the success of International Youth Day by sending an email to your local MP asking for more government funding for youth groups and activity centres. Activity centres could have climbing walls, table tennis, squash, gymnasiums, blue light discos or any other activity you think today’s young people would enjoy taking part in.

Send your email to the political party you voted for and also to the opposition party. We need them all to get on board.

Jumping to Astronomy

The Persieds meteor shower peaks in August this year. Coming up this weekend is the actual peak of this celestial event and it is coupled this year with something else.

A new moon. Having a new moon will help give us darker skies and, hopefully, a good light show.

international youth day
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