International Artists Day

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International Artists Day

International Artists Day was founded in 2004 by Chris MacClure, a Canadian artist specializing in Romantic Realism art.

On this day you can show your appreciation for an artist by perhaps treating yourself to one of his artworks. Or maybe treat him to lunch.

Other ways to support International Artists Day is to let others know about it. Tell your friends, tweet about it or an artist you like. Visit the artist’s website and share your favourite pieces of art displayed there on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever your favourite social media network is.

Selling art is not easy. especially since it became possible for an artist to have his works shown to a worldwide audience via the internet.

You may think that this increases the chances of an artist being able to sell his art. But in reality, it makes it difficult to get seen because there is so much on the internet that getting good search results is almost impossible for the average artists selling art.

The reason for this is simple. Affordability. Artists simply do not have the money to pay for an SEO expert to develop their site!

So, if you know an artist buy him or her a coffee or share their work around your social media network. That will cost you nothing but will be an immense help to the artist.

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