Indonesian Tsunami

indonesian tsunami
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Indonesian Tsunami

The Indonesian tsunami in the Sulawesi area has been in the news headlines worldwide.

But did you know that Indonesia has been struck with 3 separate disasters in one week? They have experienced the tsunami and the eartquake with all it’s aftershocks,  plus they now have to endure a volcanic eruption.

indonesia earthquake

Emergency Relief Issues

Not only are the rescue workers struggling to find people amongst the rubble and the mud. They now are faced with the prospect of essential aid not being delivered due to the ash cloud. Reports say that if it should drift any further, aircraft will be unable to fly in much-needed supplies.

Death Toll

The number of dead is now over 1400. Authorities are unable to estimate the eventual total. This is due to the difficulties being experienced caused by the earthquake and aftershocks.

There are possibly hundreds of people buried under the mudslides. No survivors are expected to be found there.


The Indonesia Tsunami Emergency Appeal is underway. Oxfam are running this to aid in excess of 100,000 people.

You can help by visiting the Oxfam Site.

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