Howl Like A Wolf

Chris Stefanis

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It Is Time To Howl Like A Wolf

The wolf has been with us every day since the Pleistocene period, as far back as 125,000 years, in the form of the domesticated dog.

In the US, wolves were mercilessly hunted and totally eradicated by the 1920’s. Across the border in Canada, they lived on.

Fast forward to 1995 and our understanding of ecosystems had increased showing us that the wolf was necessary as a part of the chain of life in Yellowstone National Park. This led to 70 wolves being captured in Canada and relocated to Yellowstone. This was an effort to reverse the degradation of the fauna due to excessive grazing by animals whose predator had been removed.

There is also a landowner in Scotland who, in March this year, asked for permission to re-introduce the wolf to his land as a way of controlling the deer population.

But why howl like a wolf?

Howl At The Moon Day was started to make people aware of the importance of wolves in the wild.

It is also a great excuse to go camping and have a few beers before going outside the tent and howling at the moon. People will think you are acting like idiots, but it is really  just some harmless fun to had, especially with the approach of Halloween

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