How To Romance A Woman

how to romance a woman

Do You Know How To Romance A Woman?

That is, how to romance a woman, not how to get her into bed.

Being a male, I know that the younger you are, the harder it is to separate romance and sex.

To introduce romance into your relationship is not difficult or expensive. When she goes to the shops, go with her. Hold her hand. Stand in the ladies section while she tries on clothes. Listen to what she says without interrupting. In other word’s, pay attention to her.

If your love has a hobby, give her the space to enjoy it.

Give her a foot massage. No need to buy special oil, you can use olive oil for this.

Be old-fashioned. Let her through the doorway first.

Text a nice message to her out of the blue.

Flowers are always nice on birthdays. But how about a spontaneous gesture not linked to any other event? Grab a small bunch from Coles, Woolies or the petrol station on your way to see her.

If she starts to tell you a story that she has done before, pretend you don’t know it.

Do some dusting around the house, even if you make a crap job of it!

If, and only if you can afford it, book an overnight stay somewhere nice.

So, guys, sure the hot flush of being in bed with someone feels great, but if you truly love her and want her to stay loving you, you must put in the effort.

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