How To Evaluate Your Life

evaluate your life
Chris Stefanis

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Evaluate Your Life Day

Today is the day when we need to sit back and take stock of our lives and ask ourselves some questions.

You can evaluate your life with different methods.

Method 1

Get a sheet of paper and make a list of the things you set out to achieve. Go through them and think about whether you have achieved them or are on track to do so. You might cross them off if they are no longer important to you.

For the ones that are not on track, write down what you need to change in order to get them back on track. Note how you intend to do this.

Method 2

Use an explosion chart of your life’s goals and achievements. An explosion chart will have you in the centre and arrows out to the important items or events in your life that you have succeeded in attaining, wish to attain, or again do not care about any longer.

After all, times change and what we do in our lives sometimes has to be altered to keep up with time!

Method 3

Go visit a spot where you can have some solitude. Maybe a park bench or a place to watch waves roll in. Anywhere that you can have uninterrupted time to clear your mind.

As a side note, if you are confident that your life is turning out the way you planned, it is still good for the soul to have some “you” time and invigorate your senses with some fresh air.

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