How Not To Cure Back Pain

back pain
Chris Stefanis

Chris Stefanis

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Back Pain Cure?

Ok, so back pain is a terrible thing. I know that is a fact as I have had over 30 years of it. And all of us back pain sufferers are continually looking for a miracle cure.

I have read of an Irishman (he would have to be the butt of jokes) tried to cure his sudden onset back pain by injecting himself with a substance.

It seems this all came to light after a doctor noticed the swelling in his arm and the man told the doctor of his cure.

He had been injecting himself with a hypodermic needle that he purchased online with semen!  Yes, semen (or sperm). It is reported that the man was receiving treatment of intravenous antimicrobial treatment but discharged himself from the hospital when his back pain eased even though the area had not yet been drained.

The full story is here ABC News and no, I will not be trying it myself and I do not recommend that anyone else does


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