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Good Sammys and other charities

I suppose Good Sammys is my way of saying that I am going to any one of a number of Op-shops. You can find all sorts of bargains in an op-shop. From books to carpets to furniture and clothing. Plus lots more.

The money you spend in any op-shop that is run by a charity goes towards soup kitchens, emergency accommodation and community support programs.

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Find a Charity Shop

There are some 2,500 charity shops in Australia with St Vincent DePaul having the most, with the Salvos (Salvation Army) being the biggest in turnover at the time of writing.

There are over a million tons of goods donated to charity each year. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Let’s not forget that a lot of clothing is just not fit to wear. Some people seem to think that being poor means you have lost all self-respect. If it’s torn, or stained, it is no good to anyone.

Much of that weight comes from furniture. Cash made from the sale of goods assists the running of the shops and other charity events, but it also needs to fund the shop’s overheads. Running a successful charity is not easy.

So what can you donate?

Here are a few suggestions,

  •     Clothing – good quality for the needy or resale
  •     Kitchenware & bric-a-brac
  •     Books
  •     CD’s and movies
  •     Furniture (in good condition)
  •     Household goods
  •     TV’s and computers (working)
  •     Mobile phones (working)

There are many organisations in Australia. Here are just a few in Perth WA.

  1. Perth – Good Samaritans – Good Sammy
  2. Northbridge – St Vincent De Paul – Vinnies
  3. Perth – Milk ‘n’ Honey OP Shop
  4. North Perth – St Vincent De Paul – Vinnies
  5. North Perth – Red Cross
  6. Subiaco – Save the Children Op Shop
  7. Subiaco – Good Samaritans – Good Sammy
  8. Subiaco – Salvation Army – Salvos
  9. Maylands – St Vincent De Paul – Vinnies
  10. Maylands – Salvation Army – Salvos
  11. Victoria Park – Salvation Army – Salvos
  12. Mount Hawthorn – Save the Children Op Shop
  13. Mount Hawthorn – Salvation Army – Salvos
  14. Wembley – St Vincent De Paul – Vinnies
  15. Rivervale – St Vincent De Paul – Vinnies
  16. Victoria Park – St Vincent De Paul – Vinnies
  17. Shenton Park – Opportunity Knocks
  18. East Victoria Park – Nulsen Op Shop
  19. East Victoria Park – Save the Children Op Shop
  20. Tuart Hill – Save the Children Op Shop
  21. Belmont – Salvation Army – Salvos
  22. Belmont – St Vincent De Paul – Vinnies
  23. Belmont – Good Samaritans – Good Sammy
  24. Belmont – Anglicare Op Shops
  25. Manning – Southcare Op Shop

So stop chucking things in the bin and recycle through charity shops.

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