Bona Fide Go Fund Me

Singleton House Fire
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Bona Fide GoFundMe

What Is A Bona Fide Go Fund Me Reason?

The principle of a bona fide go fund me page is that of giving assistance to people who have suffered a catastrophe of some sort.

Firefighters Battle The Blaze

An example of a fair reason to set up a go fund me page is one of the tragic house fire in Singleton that cost to lives of three children. The family are left with nothing but grief. The entire house was gutted by the fire.

Neighbours fought the smoke and heat trying to prevent the total loss of the house and contents. One neighbour is reported to have pulled the children’s mothers unconscious body from the fire but was unable to save anyone else.

A Non Bona-Fide Reason

gofundme page

Israel Folau

Here is a man who had an official go fund me page trying to raise three million dollars for legal fees against, I think, Rugby Australia, for sacking him for breach of contract due to his foul utterances about, essentially, your right to choose.  That page was reported to be deleted as he was in contravention of the terms of use. No kidding!

Even Worse

The Australian Christian Lobby then set up what I see as a private go fund me collection site for Israel Folau. How they can support a man whose views are amongst the most Un-Christian I have ever heard of beggars belief. He is worth millions in the properties he owns and is said to have millions of dollars in the bank.

But what is even worse is that whilst Australia prides itself as being a progressive multi-cultural nation, people are still donating money to Folau.

He is an uncharitable man and deserves nothing from the good people of Australia.

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