Emotional Intelligence Month Is Ending

emotional intelligence
Chris Stefanis

Chris Stefanis

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Emotional Intelligence Month

As Emotional Intelligence Month draws to a close, it is now the time to reflect on what has happened in the last few weeks.

Every moment of every day, people fall in love, are unfaithful, get married, get divorced, have a new addition to the family, lose a loved one, all major events that affect our lives and how we live them.

We need to be intelligent emotionally to make it through life’s daily trials and tribulations.

If you find that you struggle to keep control of your emotions or perhaps feel “lost” emotionally, there is help available. Other than talking to your GP who may refer you to a counselling service, the Emotional Intelligence Institute offers free advice and fact sheets in the form of an educational e-learning campus.

The link to the site is here.

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