Federal or Feral Government?

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Chris Stefanis

Chris Stefanis

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General Election / Federal or Feral?

The General Election is upon us. Will we get a Federal or a Feral Government?

The last weeks campaigning has seen both political leaders of the major contenders traverse the continent in attempts to woo voters in their direction.

Bill Shorten has spent the week avoiding or evading questions about where the money is to come from for all the proposed improvements.

Scott Morrison has spent the same week avoiding questions related to environmental or climate change issues.

Morrison speaks with confidence and emotion.

Shorten speaks in a monotone voice apparently void of conviction.

I am confident that whichever party wins our election will shake up their respective cabinets, moving people experienced in certain aspects of governing into roles that they need to learn by hitting the ground running (so to speak).

Do we trust the Labor party to improve our economy, increase real employment, make housing affordable while keeping our books well balanced?

Or do we trust the Liberal Coalition to look after all of the same important issues while swapping leaders at a whim?

Sure, Scott Morrison has introduced legislation to make a leadership spill more difficult. But not impossible.

Meanwhile, the poor old Koala (now an endangered species) is suffering quietly in the background while it’s habitat is cleared for the development of industrial and residential areas.

Urban sprawl is pretty much unstoppable unless we introduce a one-child policy or something else equally as horrendous. But can we please look after our unique fauna? They deserve to have a home to live in too.


So, on Saturday, May 18th. think carefully before you vote.

I would honestly vote for Harry if I could. I am sure he is much more trustworthy than any politician could ever be.

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