Effects Of climate change

effects of climate change

Climate Change – What is happening?

The average temperature on Earth increased by 2°F in the last millennium.
So what? That is not much, is it?
This may seem a small amount but it is not. Not when you look into our planets recent history. There is a record of our climate record accessible to science. This is through items such as, coral reefs, tree rings, and ice cores. The data shows the Earths global temperature to be stable of long periods of time.
Small temperature changes equal huge changes in our environment. The last ice age ended 11,700 years ago. During the ice age, North America had over 3,000 feet of ice sitting on it. The temperature was only between 5 and 9 d cooler than now.
Confidence is high in the scientific community that temperatures will continue to rise. For decades. Due to greenhouse gases in the main.
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) forecast a rise of up to 10d in a hundred years.
I will take a look at future effects next.
Reference material NASA
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