Effects Of Climate Change On Wildlife

Nope, we dont have climate change

Nope, we dont have climate change

Effects of Climate Change on Wildlife

Climate change affects humans and wildlife. Effects caused by climate change on one part of our ecosystem affects others.
Pollinators, (bees, butterflies etc), are essential to life. They struggle to adjust to climate changes. Their biorhythms get out of sync with the blooming of plant life. This results in poor pollination and reduced crop yields.
Warming waters, both oceanic and land based, alter the depth where fish can live. Oceans higher in acid prevent corals, lobsters, crabs and other crustaceans from maturing.
Our wetlands will dry up meaning less breeding grounds for our waterfowl. Certain species will die out altogether through habitat loss.
Further habitat loss will occur with rising sea levels that will impact our coasts. We will lose marshlands and mangroves.
Changes in climate will allow invasive plants to kill off native flora. The loss of native flora will result in no food for insects that relied on those plants. So we lose those insects to climate change too.
I know our governments wheels are slow to turn. But they must make changes now. Not in fifty or a hundred years.
By then it may be too late.

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