Dog Attacks On The Rise — Keep Your Dog Safe

With dog attacks on the rise responsible pet owners need the knowledge to keep their pet safe.
There was a Dachshund killed by a Staffordshire Terrier in Melbourne this week. Each dog owner blames the other for the outcome. The horrific death of the Dachshund.

It is reported that the Dachshund got out of its enclosure and ran up to the Staffy that was on a lead. It is a fact that the circumference inside the radius of a lead is viewed by your dog as its personal space. Should the dog be aggressive, it will defend this “territory.”

But, the pet owner should control the actions of their pet.

In this case, the outcome would have been nowhere near as severe had the Staffy owner not dropped the lead, but pulled the dog away.

Owners of powerful dogs need to be in control at all times and must have the strength to pull their pet away. At least have your dog muzzled.

dog attacks

Looking at the blood residue at the scene shows that the Dachshund was easily defeated. It most likely lay on its back surrendering only to be torn apart.

The fact that the Dachshund escaped its enclosure is sad as it would be alive today had it not done so.

Dog-on-dog attacks are happening across Australia more often than people think.
There are things that may help prevent dog attacks.

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 Socialisation in a puppy school. This will help dogs more readily accept strangers (other dogs) when they meet.
Take the pup to new environments help stop stress as an adult dog.
Training, training, training. A well trained dog will be safer pet and a happier one too.
This link takes you to the dangerous dog hotline for Victoria. There is one for each state. Google ‘dangerous dog hotline’ for your state for help.

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