Disneyland Opens

disneyland opens

Disneyland Opens For The First Time

The year is 1955 and Disneyland Opens for the first time in Anaheim, California.

After visiting several other amusement parks Walt Disney came up with the idea of Disneyland. He wanted it to be “The Happiest Place On Earth”. I have never been to any of the parks that the franchise now has worldwide but I would love to visit one to experience some of the joy and fascination that is expressed in some of the reviews by visitors.

Human nature dictates that we only leave a review when we are unhappy with the service, so to see so many positive reviews means to me that it must be worth the visit.

plane crash

Today is the anniversary of Flight 800’s disaster in 1996. It took off from New York’s Kennedy Airport and exploded in a fireball while climbing to cruising altitude.

All 230 people on board died.

After a very lengthy investigation amid claims of a cover up with some claiming the US navy shot it down by accident during training exercises off the coast, it was decided that the disaster was due to mechanical failure.

Is This Day Jinxed?

It was also on this day in 2014 when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed in the Ukraine killing all 298 souls on board.

Investigations showed later that it was brought down by a Russian made ground to air missile.

Even given these and other disasters involving aircraft, statisticians still say that flying is the safest form of travel.

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