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Demon In An Oak Tree


Demon, Gargoyle or A Freak Of Nature

A Demon is a supernatural or malevolent being in occultism, fiction, religion, folklore and myths that can take on all sorts of shapes and appear in the most unlikely of places.


If you are a true believer of demonism you would be shocked to be out walking and come across this Oak tree. I spotted the demon in it immediately. To me it has the appearance of some sort of dragons head morphing out of the tree with its drooling mouth wide open and hungry, plus the wild look of it’s eye finishes the apparition off quite well.


Above it there are two arms that seem to have writhed their way out of the trees limbs to shake hands in a firm grasp. Almost like there were two supernatural beings congratulating each other on the successful summoning of the creature.


Or hey, maybe it’s just an old moss covered tree.

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