Death Of A Planet

death of a planet
Chris Stefanis

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Death Of A Planet

The picture here of a fracking operation may look innocent enough, but it is a contributor to the death of a planet.

This one.

Fracking involves drilling through the water table, or aquifer, to deposits of gas underneath. This can lead to contamination of the aquifer making the water undrinkable.


This is a paddle mining machine. It rips holes in the landscape with no consideration for the microcosms of life it destroys without remorse.

open cut mining

The open cut mines are even worse. They go hundreds of feet down into the Earth, scarring the landscape and creating huge amounts of dust.

coal mining

Here we have a coal mine. It could easily be a gold mine, a nickel mine or a diamond mine. There are countless miles of tunnels crisscrossing the ground, some under our feet. Of course, there is a lot of shoring up done during the lives of these mines to ensure the safety of the workers.

What happens when the pillars rot or rust away? Only one thing can happen. The workings collapse causing instability in the rest of the mine leading to more collapses. Who is to say that this will not lead to the weakening of the structure of the Earths mantle?

If this happens then perhaps the tectonic plates that our continental land masses sit upon could begin to move faster, leading to more earthquakes and tsunamis.

The future is bleak. The death of the planet is assured, not in our lifetimes but eventually, it will happen, unless we ourselves make the changes required.

Stop the rape of the planet, protect our ecology both on land and in water bodioes. World peace is a must, followed by shared resourses and deletion of the need for wealth and money.

Euphoria? Yes. Only we can achive it by lobbying our politicialns to strive for unity across the globe.

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