Come Pick Our Fruit Says Michael McCormack Deputy PM

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Michael McCormack
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Michael McCormack Says Come Pick Our Fruit

Michael McCormack happily sits in an airconditioned office with a comfy chair and tells Pacific Islanders to “come pick our fruit.”

After the Pacific Island Forum in Tuvalu, this was the Deputy PMs response to concerns about the islands being swamped due to global warming. His comment was reportedly made at a Wagga Wagga business function.

Michael McCormack Gaff

To be as insensitive to say that a Nation will survive global warming because they come to Australia to pick fruit has to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, big-headed, full of my own importance, idiotic statements of Modern History.

Enele Sopoaga, (Prime Minister of Tuvalu) is reported by the SBS News [*1*] as accusing Australia of worrying about its own economy and not the implications of climate change.

Should the deputy PMs comments accurately reflect the opinion of our Australian Parliament, then his (Enele’s) statement is both true and worrying.

Are we a nation that is so self-centred that we only care about ourselves without concern for others and the bigger picture of what is in store for us in the future if climate change is ignored? I hope not, because, let us not forget that the vast majority of our population live on the coast. Also, if we were forced in the future to abandon our homes and move inland would we even have the resources left to sustain life in our arid centre?

Make your voice heard. Tell your local parliamentary representative that you are not happy with Michael McCormack’s comment and that you want your government to take climate change seriously. Even if we won’t be sinking under the oceans tomorrow.


*Image supplied by Bidgee

*1* SBS News source

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