Climate Change And Sea Turtles

Climate change Puts Sea Turtles At Risk

You will be aware that Sea Turtles lay their eggs on land. Climate change is threatening their existence. Even though they can live up to the age of 150 years. The average is a 50-year life span.

climate change

Sea Turtles drag themselves up the beach away from the shoreline to bury eggs in the sand. Six to eight weeks later, the hatchlings dig their way up to the surface and face a perilous journey to the ocean. Seagulls and Skuas know when the hatch takes place. They wait for an easy dinner when the baby turtles surface.

The hatchlings that make it to the water are still not safe. One in One Thousand hatchlings are likely to survive.

Now a new fear has arisen. The Scientific Community and Nature Conservation bodies are in agreement. Climate change will cause rising sea levels. Add the increase in severe weather events and the outcome is clear.

The waterline will rise. The beaches will erode. These factors will destroy the nesting sites of the Sea Turtles. Then, in turn, the population will drop. There will be fewer hatchlings, yet the same number will die on the way to the ocean. And so the population dwindles. All due to climate change.

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