Should You Check For Osteoporosis?

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Check For Osteoporosis

I recently watched a program on Channel 7 (Weekend Sunrise) where they had a segment on the health of Australians. This segment advised you and me on what we should get checked periodically as a matter of routine with your GP.

They advised various things such as get your blood pressure done. Also, do the stool check (poo check) that over 50’s receive in the mail.



The specialist went on to say that Australians should have regular checks for osteoporosis once you reach the age of 50.

Unfortunately, this is a waste of your time and your money.

Why is an osteoporosis exam pointless?

I know of one case where a lady went to her doctor and asked if she could have this checked due to the fact that a relative had broken an arm and was subsequently diagnosed with osteoporosis. Her relative now receives treatment for it.

But here is the kicker

The test results came back as positive meaning she already has osteoporosis. However, due to the fact that she had not broken any bones, she did not qualify as requiring treatment for her osteoporosis.

Surely, if this debilitating bone disease is present she should be treated for it. But no. It seems that you need to have broken something to qualify. So let us say that she goes on till 80 years of age and then breaks a bone. The injury incurred at that time will no doubt be far worse than it would have had she been treated for the condition when diagnosed in her 50’s.

I know that Medicare in Australia provides a great service to you and me but it certainly seems to fall short in this case. What are your thoughts?

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