Respect For Paraplegics

Respect For Paraplegics

After a recent experience, I have increased respect for paraplegics.

Without going into the gory details, I recently had an operation in the local hospital. The operation was done with me awake by the means of using a “block” which is basically an anaesthetic injected into the spinal fluid.

The result of this was my feeling nothing from the waist down for around six or seven hours. When I say feeling nothing, I mean not only the loss of sensation from the waist down but also the inability to move my legs or even toes for that period of time.

I found it pretty much impossible to even sit up in bed unless it was with assistance and having my firmly planted up against the bottom of the hospital bed. You simply do not realise how much you use your legs until they no longer feel as if they exist.

Wheelchair Athletes

People who are wheelchair-bound do an exceptional job of coping with everyday tasks and are they certainly deserve the utmost respect.

On the flip side. we watch people in sport and often forget about their disabled counterparts who compete in athletics or other sports like tennis or basketball. When the Olympics are on the Paralympics are shown after the Olympics finish. I think it would be wonderful to see both versions run concurrently giving more exposure to our disabled sportsmen and sportswomen who are truly just as passionate as the able-bodied ones.

Information about paraplegia

Nick Kyrios Fined For Meltdown

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Kyrios Blows Another Fuse

Oh Dear, he has done it again. Nick Kyrios has riled tennis sports commentators with his latest meltdown at the Cincinnati Masters. He had won the first set against his Russian opponent, Karen Khachanov. Then the demons struck him again. He threw a towel over a camera forcing the broadcaster to switch to an overhead view.

Kyrios went on to verbally abuse the chair umpire Fergus Murphy with a string of profanities. Vision was captured of him smashing tennis racquets in the corridor.

Ben Fordham, a Sydney radio presenter for 2GB said Kyrgios “needs a psychiatrist, medication and a straitjacket.”[*]

Will the $167,000 fine make any difference? Doubtful.

With this latest outburst, Nick Kyrios is rapidly using up the last vestiges of respect that may have existed within the sporting community at large. Personally, I do not think that the fine is a proper punishment. It should have been backed up with a 6-month ban. He will miss out on two majors including the Australian Open.

What are your thoughts?

Rafael Nadal 1 Sad Statement

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal ready to return serve at the Australian Open

Rafael Nadal Retires?

In a recent interview at the Wimbledon Grand Slam Tournament, Raffa said something that surprised the reporters and is bound to stun the tennis world.

Rafael Nadal’s rankings show that in his illustrious career he is currently number two in the world singles ATP rankings he has held the number one spot 8 times with two sets of concurrent years and one run of 4 consecutive years from 2008 till 2011.

And now at Wimbledon 2019, he has said he feels he is no longer able to run the distance required for the long rallies in Grand Slams tournaments. Rafael Nadal not fit? Really? Raffa also said that because of this, his game plan was becoming more focussed on winning quick points.

So I wonder, are you and I going to witness a changing of the guard with new blood taking up the mantle of superior play coupled with humility and respect? Which relatively new player do you think is capable of filling the shoes of one of tennis’s all-time greats?


Stats source

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Tomic The Tank Engine Appeals

Tomic The Tank Engine
Chris Stefanis

Chris Stefanis

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Bernard Tomic The Tank Engine To Appeal!

That’s right. Bernard Tomic is to appeal his $ 80,000 fine for tanking at Wimbledon in the game he played against Jo Wilfred Tsonga.

You would have seen the press conference after the match where Mr Tomic said: “it was a pretty terrible match”.  That was due to his total lack of desire to win.

He obviously went into the match with the attitude of being there just for the 45,000 UK pound competing / appearance fee. But it has just been announced that he intends to appeal the fine received for his apparent lack of interest in the match. He will be repeating his statement of feeling unwell and being run down after having played in Turkey where he lost in the quarterfinals.

As an Australian, I for one hope that he loses the appeal against Wimbledon officials. I am tired of watching him throw away every chance he has been given to do what he is paid to do. Play his tennis in a professional manner.

If he was that sick he should have forfeited the match. he might have actually scored some points in the popularity stakes if he had.

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International Youth Day 12th August

international youth day

International Youth Day

International youth day is a cross-culture event that is held on August 12th worldwide each year.

The aim is to promote the needs of today’s young people aged between 10 and 24. The young men sitting here could be mistaken for a small group of gang members. They are actually all good mates.

This photo shows that there does not need to be a conflict in cultures or ethnicity in our society.

How you can get involved

You can aid the success of International Youth Day by sending an email to your local MP asking for more government funding for youth groups and activity centres. Activity centres could have climbing walls, table tennis, squash, gymnasiums, blue light discos or any other activity you think today’s young people would enjoy taking part in.

Send your email to the political party you voted for and also to the opposition party. We need them all to get on board.

Jumping to Astronomy

The Persieds meteor shower peaks in August this year. Coming up this weekend is the actual peak of this celestial event and it is coupled this year with something else.

A new moon. Having a new moon will help give us darker skies and, hopefully, a good light show.

international youth day