Dogs Sold For Meat

dogs sold for meat
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Dogs Sold For Meat

We would all like to think that animal cruelty rarely occurs, but there are dogs sold for meat even today.

These poor animals are kept in filthy cages with no chance of ever seeing a human as a person of trust.

korean dog meat trade

The dogs are brought out from the cage and killed by non-humane methods such as slitting their throats. This is done in full view of the dogs still in the cages.

Can you imagine what this might feel like? They live in a constant state of total despair.

And no, I am not talking about a third world country here. This is going on in South Korea on a daily basis.

The South Korean government is aware of this, yet does nothing to stop it apart from reportedly saying that they do not support it.

How can you help?

You can sign the petition at Stop Dog Meat.

You can visit Ending the Dog Meat Trade and make a donation.

You can write to your MP and ask for your Government to put pressure on the South Korean Government to put a stop to the dog meat trade.

Please note that not all South Koreans do this. It continues to happen due to a minority group of people.

Below are two videos. Both are very confronting.

The first shows a huge protest held in South Korea earlier this year.

The second shows what it is like for animals in a dog meat farm. Be warned before you scroll down, it is not pretty.

Browse the Gallery for current

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Today Is Mans Best Friend Day

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Mans Best Friend - A Day For Dog Lovers

So we all know that man’s best friend is and always will be a dog. You may well have a best friend that is a human, but he or she is not truly your best friend, More on that later.

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

True for humans possibly, but now when we have a dog. Some of our furry friends are maybe a bit odd looking. The thing is though, we made them look like they do.

Selective breeding to shorten noses for example.

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So it is not his fault that he looks like he does.

Nevertheless, he is still loved by many owners.

What Sets Dogs Apart From Humans as Besties?

It is quite simple really.

Your dog will always love you without prejudice. No matter what you feel like. You may have had a crappy day at work and are in a foul mood. Perhaps you are just extra tired and cannot be bothered walking him today.

Your dog will never tell you to snap out of it, grow up, be an adult, or get angry with you for not giving him much attention.

Mans best friend will love you regardless. That is something your best mate can’t guarantee to do

Homeless Animals

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International Homeless Animals Day

There are lots of homeless animals in dog pounds, animal shelters, and rescue operations.

There are hundreds of puppy farms who breed from one dog continuously until the poor animal is nothing but a shell. These people are unscrupulous and the scum of the earth.

Please, please, do not buy from them. Buy your pup from a registered breeder.

If you buy from someone’s backyard, insist on seeing both of the puppies parents. Also, look at the vet check and vaccination records. Call the vet to make sure these are not forged documents. Like I said, these people have no scruples at all.

Better still, get your pet from a rescue group like the RSPCA or Safe.

I have two dogs at home. They are both rescue dogs and are the loveliest pets you could wish for.

And it does not just a dog you can get from rescue organistions. There are cats, rabbits, donkeys, sheep, goats, all sorts really.

The RSPCA link is here.

The Safe Perth link is here.

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