Protect Your Dog From Snakes

protect your dog from snakes

Snake bite is a real threat – Protect your dog from snakes

It is that time of year again. Spring always brings the threat of snake bites in Australia so it is important to learn how to protect your dog from snakes.

The Forecast

The Weather bureau has released the long range forecast for Australia and it is not good. They are predicting a higher than normal amount of dry days plus warmer average temperatures for spring.

This will bring snakes out of hibernation and they will start to seek food and water.

The “Animal Ark” organization will be putting on  workshop to help protect your dog from snakes. The aim of the workshop is to enable owners to train their pets to leave a snake alone when they see it, rather than think it is a toy.

Two one day workshops titled “Snake Avoidance Training For Dogs” will be run in Bunbury, Western Australia, by Mr David Manning on October 13th and 14th.

For further information visit

Today Is Mans Best Friend Day

mans best friend

Mans Best Friend - A Day For Dog Lovers

So we all know that man’s best friend is and always will be a dog. You may well have a best friend that is a human, but he or she is not truly your best friend, More on that later.

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

True for humans possibly, but now when we have a dog. Some of our furry friends are maybe a bit odd looking. The thing is though, we made them look like they do.

Selective breeding to shorten noses for example.

So it is not his fault that he looks like he does.

Nevertheless, he is still loved by many owners.

What Sets Dogs Apart From Humans as Besties?

It is quite simple really.

Your dog will always love you without prejudice. No matter what you feel like. You may have had a crappy day at work and are in a foul mood. Perhaps you are just extra tired and cannot be bothered walking him today.

Your dog will never tell you to snap out of it, grow up, be an adult, or get angry with you for not giving him much attention.

Mans best friend will love you regardless. That is something your best mate can’t guarantee to do

September 1st – A Day For Disastrous Events

disastrous events

Disastrous Events And Some Good News

The first of our disastrous events is one that occurred on September 1st 1923. The “Great Kanto” earthquake struck the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama on the Japanese island of Honshu. It killed approximately 100,000 people.

Let us remember September 1st 1939 when Germany invaded Poland without any prior declaration of war. 1.5 million troops invaded Poland while the German airforce, the Luftwaffe bombed the Polish airfields. Two days later, Britain and France both went to war against Germany. The second World War was to claim the lives of some 80 million souls. Many through battle, but it is estimated by statisticians that 55 million of those casualties were civilians.

This day in 1983 saw a Korean civilian aircraft shot down by Russia when it was in Soviet airspace. 269 passengers and crew died.

Happier news

September 1st 1972 and Bobby Fischer became the World Chess Champion by beating Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union. Bobby was the youngest ever American Junior Chess Champion at only 13 years of age.

Rocky Marciano, a famous American heavyweight boxer, was born on this day.

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, the 1st of September marks the first day of spring. In Western Australia, it is the beginning of Wildflower Season. Large tracts of land become carpets of colour during this time.

Today is also World Beard Day. if you do not have a beard then perhaps you coulld start to grow one in preparation for Movember which occurs in the month of November. That is the month when beards and moustaches are shaved off for charity.

An Important Day In Motoring History

motoring history

Motoring history gets a shake-up

The date was August 30th 1959, motoring history and motoring in general, sat up and took notice.

The Mini was born. Costing £497, the Mini offered fantastic space, economy, and thrills to boot. With its puny 850cc engine, it came out at just the right time with fuel shortages and petrol costs rising.

With a ground clearance of just 6 inches, it had a top speed of 74mph (119km/h). Add to that a chassis that gave the feeling that the car was cornering on rails, and it rapidly gained popularity with the young drivers of the day. It’s qualities also led to successes in rallies, racing and hill climbs.

Looking at today’s version, you can see the heritage.

I certainly wouldn’t refuse a modern Mini if they were giving them away, but I do feel that the car has lost some of the soul the original Mini had.

Earthquakes In Indonesia

earthquakes in indonesia

More earthquakes in Indonesia?

Will there be more? Unfortunately, eathquakes in Indonsia are nothing new.  Indonesia experiences more earthquakes than any other county in the world.*

In fact, according to the United States Geological Survey, Indonesia has suffered more than 150 earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 7 between the years 1901 to 2017.

Volcanoes are also a threat. In 1883, Krakatoa erupted causing seismic avtivity. Some 36,417 lives were lost from the eruption and the tsunami’s it created.

From the recent earthquake in Indonesia, and the aftershocks, the death toll has reached 430. Sadly, it may have risen as I write this.