Arctic Sea Ice

2019 Arctic Sea Ice Lowest on Record

Arctic Sea Ice for 2019 Tied for Second Lowest

Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic sea ice lowest on record, this tied with two other years, 2007 and 2016. Recording arctic sea ice levels began in 1970. This tells you that scientists must have been aware of climate change for 50 years.

What is the Artcic Sea Ice?

Arctic sea ice is a vast area of seawater that is frozen and floats on the Arctic Ocean.

It grows each year in the Northern winter and shinks again in the 6 months of Arctic summer.
Historical data now shows that the ice area is less across both seasons in the Arctic. This affects the ecology of the area as a whole. More icebergs are now freed from the main body of ice. Weather patterns change and the ocean currents alter.

Arctic Sea Ice

A quote from climate change senior scientist Claire Parkinson. “This year’s minimum sea ice extent shows that there is no sign that the sea ice cover is rebounding.” This means that the ice amounts will continue to deplete.

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Rising ocean levels will contribute to changes in weather patterns.
Ice melts every summer. We all know that. But the changes in climate mean the ice does not recover fully in the freeze season.
As the 2019 Arctic sea ice lowest on record data shows, we are gripped in a constant loss of ice. Coupled with rising temperatures, extreme weather events will become more frequent.

World wide.

Information sourced from NASA

Why Bushires Will get Worse

Major causes of climate change

What Is Climate Change?

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Effects Of Climate Change On Wildlife

Its A Dogs Life Diary Episode 1

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What Is Climate Change?

What Is Climate Change?

climate change

Climate Change

Climate is the typical or average weather recorded over a period of time in a given or set region. Weather anomalies occur such as a cool day in summer, or a warm day in winter. Those events do not show climate change. Trends observed over long periods of time prove climate change is occurring right now.
Our planets climate has changed over it’s 4.5-billion year history. During this time, Earth has warmed and cooled over several periods.
Observations prove Earths climate has altered in the last 100 years. These observations are by the scientific community.
In Australia, our average temperature is up by around 1%. Even this small change is a rapid one. This speed of change does not provide animals, plants and us to adapt. Thus the delicate balance of Earth’s ecosystems become affected.
In my next post, we will look at what the major causes are of climate change.