Why Bushires Will get Worse

Bushfires Are Predicted To Be Worse Than Ever




Bushfires are being fuelled by drought. The humidity levels drop which causes the understorey to dry creating more fuel. Native Australian gum trees start to drop leaves attempting to survive the lack of water.

Lightning strikes provide the spark for many bushfires. Sadly, many get started on purpose by idiots. Australian bushfires can get out of control fast.

Climatologists predict that as climate change occurs globally, there will be more bushfires. These fires result in the devastation of crops, wildlife, stock, and homes. Some wildlife will survive by fleeing, but there will be nothing to graze on after the fire. No flowers to produce nectar. No nesting materials. No water to drink.

wildfire firefighter

Exhausted Firefighter

Bleak Outlook

Further forecasting shows that weather events will become more extreme. Areas that get monsoons will get wetter whilst areas with low rainfall will become drier.

Events know as ‘Megadroughts’ will be frequent. A Megadrought is a drought that lasts over thirty years. The risk of a Megadrought occurring in the US will be 80% by 2099.

Bushfires generate their own weather patterns. There may be a rush a wind ahead of a bushfire even though the local winds are low. This rush of wind speeds the growth of the fire and contributes to the fire becoming uncontained. In other words, even if the wind seems light, fires can advance faster than expected.

Article researched from NASA

Acrylic Artwork Uluru (Ayers Rock)

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Acrylic Art Uluru

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Surely the most famous monolith in the world, Uluru, Ayers Rock was its former name.

I have done this in acrylics using knives and brushes on stretched canvas.

The actual painting size is 60 x 30cm

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