Book Lovers Day Is Today plus Betty Boop is Born

book lovers day

Book Lovers Day

Book lovers day is a day that is aimed at reminding you to take some time out. Read a book with your child. It does not need to be a bedtime story. There are a plethora of children’s books available with new ones being published almost daily.

Young children have minds like sponges. They constantly absorb information. For example, when a child first starts to speak you get simple words like Da Da or similar. However, it is often only a short period of time before they start putting sentences together.

You have not been sitting there trying to get your child to repeat words parrot fashion, so where did that first sentence come from?

Every word spoken in your household is stored away in that little mind getting ready to astonish you with speech. So reading a book with your child can only help with this.

The strain of life itself

Book lovers day is also meant to prompt you into sitting down with a novel. Reading a book takes us out of the everyday and into a world of mystery, intrigue, drama, comedy and much more.

What better way is there to escape and free your mind?

The Birth Of Betty Boop

Betty Boop was born on this day in 1930. The first cartoon she appeared in on that day was titled “Dizzy Dishes.”

The brainchild of cartoonist and animator, Max Fleischer, Betty Boop went on to become one of the most popular, well known characters ever.

With her big innocent eyes and shapley figure she could get away with being just that bit naughty too. Betty Boop is a reminder of carefree times when we had Flappers* and the Jazz age arrived between the two World Wars.

betty boop


Flappers were young western women who wore short dresses, had their hair cut short (like Betty) and did not behave in the manner expected of a young lady. They were not tramp-ish but did behave rather naughtily.

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