Celebrate World Lizard Day

world lizard day

August 14th Is World Lizard Day

There are some 5,600 species of lizard alive in the world today. World lizard day is a day when enthusiasts get to celebrate their unique pets as a world-wide event.

There are only two known poisonous lizards, the Gila Monster and the Mexican Beaded Lizard. And no I haven’t missed a letter “r” in the spelling :-).

Some say there is a third poisonous lizard, the Komodo Dragon, but, according to sources, that has not yet been proven.

Two of the most popular lizards as pets are the Leopard Gecko and the Bearded Dragon.

At a mere half inch long excluding the tail, the smallest lizard known is the Brookesia Micra from Madagascar. Lizards can be found on all continents with the exception of Antartica.

lizard day

Why is the Leopard Gecko popular?

The Leopard Gecko is a popular choice for a number of reasons.

  1. It only needs feeding every second day.
  2. Newspaper is OK for the base (easy cleaning).
  3. They are active at night.
  4. They usually go to the toilet in one corner of their habitat.
  5. They eat their own shedded skin.
  6. The cage is a simply a glass house with a wire lid and a heat source at one side.
  7. A large plastic tub can be used instead.

Full details of keeping these interesting pets can be found at the website of the Reptiles Magazine.

Woman Denied “Right To Life”

right to life

Sandra Jensen Denied Right To Life

August the 13th 1995 was a black day in American medical history when Ms Jensen was denied her right to life.

Ms Jensen was born with Downs Syndrome and also had a defective heart.  When she reached the age of 34, her heart and lungs were both failing. Her doctor advised replacing both right and left lungs and her heart.

Having applied to the existing transplant programs she was given the devasting news that transplants like this were not carried out on people with Downs Syndrome.

Fighting back

As Ms Jensen had been working as an advocate and supporter of people with disabilities, she fought the decision. There ensued a well-publicised battle that gained the attention of the entire USA. The argument was a simple one. Having downs Syndrome should not automatically disqualify a patient fora transplant that would be life-saving.

She won her battle and on Jan 23rd 1996 she received the transplant.

She sadly passed away on the 9th of May 1997 having succumbed to one of the 32 types of Cancer that are associated with the operation.

I believe all life on Earth has a right to live, well maybe not cockroaches.

Today is also International Left-Handed Day

It is estimated that around 10% of the world’s population are left-handed.

If you do not know anyone who is left-handed you may not be aware that it can be a bit of a problem for them. Things like can openers and scissors for example, simply do not work properly if used in the left hand. If you were to buy a pair of scissors for use in the left hand, you would likely pay 75% more for them.

Back in the 17th century, left-handed people were accused of being witches!

That was the depth of persecution that left-handers have experienced. Thank God we are a bit better than that nowadays.

International Youth Day 12th August

international youth day

International Youth Day

International youth day is a cross-culture event that is held on August 12th worldwide each year.

The aim is to promote the needs of today’s young people aged between 10 and 24. The young men sitting here could be mistaken for a small group of gang members. They are actually all good mates.

This photo shows that there does not need to be a conflict in cultures or ethnicity in our society.

How you can get involved

You can aid the success of International Youth Day by sending an email to your local MP asking for more government funding for youth groups and activity centres. Activity centres could have climbing walls, table tennis, squash, gymnasiums, blue light discos or any other activity you think today’s young people would enjoy taking part in.

Send your email to the political party you voted for and also to the opposition party. We need them all to get on board.

Jumping to Astronomy

The Persieds meteor shower peaks in August this year. Coming up this weekend is the actual peak of this celestial event and it is coupled this year with something else.

A new moon. Having a new moon will help give us darker skies and, hopefully, a good light show.

international youth day

August Is Inventors Month Here Are Some Scottish Inventions

scottish inventions

Today, we will concentrate on Scottish Inventions and Pioneers

Scottish inventions date from as early as the 1700’s. Here are just a few. Some of these are in use every day of our lives.

James Braid published a book on Hypnosis in 1743. He is regarded as the “Father of Hypnosis.” The word hypnosis is from the Greek God Of Sleep, Hypnos.

I must include Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone. He also invented hydrofoils, the iron lung and the record player, known originally as the phonograph.

Sri Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin while researching the flu virus. While not really an invention in the true sense of the word, this was an important discovery for the entire world.

Sir James Young Simpson was a pioneer of anaesthesia and was the first to use in childbirth. He was fiercely opposed to this by both his peers and the politicians of the day. He lived from 1811 till 1870.

How about Sir Patrick Manson? He discovered that malaria was transmitted by mozzies. His efforts in the study of tropical diseases led to the London School Of Tropical Medicine being opened.

John Logie Baird, from Dumbarton, invented television in 1926. He was also highly involved in the invention of Radar during the Second World War.

Sir James Dewar was the inventor of the smokeless gunpowder, cordite. Plus something that made the working mans lunch much more enjoyable. The vacuum flask.

Reverend Alexander John Forsyth invented the percussion cap which replaced flintlocks for firing pistols and rifles.

Of course, there is the tarmac that we drive and walk on daily, Invented by John McAdam, a Scottish surveyor who built and managed roads.

Then we have the plastic mac or raincoat invented by Charles Mackintosh. He lived from 1799 till 1843.

I mentioned John Logie Baird earlier who was involved with the invention of radar. The man who truly invented it was Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt. The word RADAR is an acronym for Radio Detection And Ranging system.

I found these facts interesting. I hope you did too.

Apollo 11

Today, in 1969, Apollo 11 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean successfully completing the first manned mission that landed on the Moon.

Do You Need An Excuse To Have A Lazy Day?

lazy day

An excuse for having a lazy day

It is official, today is Lazy Day. So go relax. Leave the worries behind you and let your mind escape.

Tea and chocolate

You could have a green tea to help relax. Green tea is known to have L-theanine which relieves anger. Or have a square of chocolate, the darker the better as it helps regulate stress. Beware though. If you eat too much you will get a sugar high and then a horrible low once your body has metabolised it all.


You can use meditation to assist you in having an enjoyable lazy day.

Get yourself in a  comfortable seat or lay down for this. Concentrate on your breathing. Close your eyes and your mind to all distractions. Breathe deeply, slowly and deliberately, expanding your lungs fully. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

The day is yours

Have a massage, That is a great relaxation tool. you do not even need to take any clothes off for a massage. Hand massage is a good technique and one that you can give to yourself. A foot massage is even better, but you probably need someone to do this.

Perhaps you would prefer to relax with your favourite music. Elysian Vibes is my favourite relaxation CD. I used to play it when I was doing Remedial Massage and 90% of my clients would fall asleep under my hands. If you enjoy rock, classical, jazz, skiff, or whatever, just play it, sit back, and enjoy.

This Lazy Day is yours.

Do what you want with it.

Apollo 11

Today, in 1969, Apollo 11 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean successfully completing the first manned mission that landed on the Moon.