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be a sloth
Chris Stefanis

Chris Stefanis

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Today is International Sloth Day

Everyone tends to think that sloths are lazy, useless, boring animals. But their lives are quite interesting. For instance, they only have three toes. Then again, some are called Two-Toed Sloths. This is because some types of Sloth have only two claws on their arms (or forward limbs).

The Sloth is about the size of a small to medium dog. However, the Megaterium Sloth could grow to the size of an elephant. That one has of course been extinct for a long time.

A Sloth’s metabolism is extremely slow. They only eat green vegetation, with the occasional insect thrown in, and it can take a month to digest one leaf.

The Sloths fur is covered in algae which helps to camouflage him.

Like an owl, he can rotate his head 270°.

So you see, they are quite interesting animals. Plus they are very happy. Just look at the guy below!

pygmy sloth

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