Australian Park Ranger – World Ranger Day

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Australian Park Rangers, and What They Do

More often referred to as Australian Council Rangers, the Australia Park Ranger has a very diversified list of duties to carry out. Not all of them pleasant.

In some States or Territories of Australia, the Park Ranger is also a Special Constable with extra powers, such as giving out traffic infringement notices.

In Western Australia for example, the minimum requirement for a Ranger is to study (and pass) the Municipal Law Enforcement Units A and B at Tafe.

The Australian Park Ranger is authorised to take action under the Animal Welfare Act, looking out for animals being mistreated by their owners. One of the less glamorous roles is the cleaning up of “roadkill.”

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Further Duties

The Rangers duties may also include looking after recreational park area, maintaining paths for example. Getting rid of weeds. A weed is any plant not native to the environment.

He is also responsible for the protection of native animals and assisting with fighting bushfires and fire suppression.

Any businesses operating with a park are monitored by the Park Ranger too. He might even be called upon to carry out maintenance on the toilet facilities in National Parks.

All in all, your Park Ranger is a busy person who looks after all sorts of stuff that make the Australian outdoors a great experience for locals and tourists alike.

You could celebrate World Ranger Day and bring a smile to their faces by sending a short thank you email to your local Ranger office.

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