Australian Government In Tatters – Again

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Australian Government - The biggest joke in the world

That is what the Australian government is starting to look like.  The people who are governing our country, making changes that affect our lives, are behaving as though they were schoolboys in the yard arguing over who should be the boy in charge of their little “gang”.

They seem to forget that the flag they work under in Parliament House is a National flag. Every time they fall out with each other, the flag is sullied.

Leadership Spill History

In 2009 Turnbull was challenged for the party leadership by  Abbott. Tony Abbott won that one.

In 2010 Rudd was kicked off the perch by Gillard.

Jump to 2013 and Rudd knocks Gillard off on the third attempt.

2015. Abbott is in charge but Turnbull takes charge again on the second spill motion.

What really matters

The most important thing that a government should do is look after the entire electorate of Australia.

How on Earth are they supposed to do a good job of that when they are unable to work as a unified team without all the backstabbing?

The answer, they can’t.

Another Election?

I hate elections, but it is looking like there may be another one looming. The problem with that is that it will not solve the issues internally in the political parties. Before any election, they need to decide on a leader and support that leader through the full term of office. Otherwise, we will be back to the farce we currently have.

The song by The Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again, has a line that goes something like, “here comes the new boss, same as the old boss”. That sums up a leadership spill for me.

If there is a general election, we need to get rid of the preferences system. That way, who you vote for cannot pass your vote to another politician that you do not know, and may not like either. If your one vote counts only towards the person you vote for we will truly have a government that has been elected by us.

Not by preference deals done behind the scenes between all of the party’s.

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