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Famous Australian Artists

Australian Artist - John Glover

John Glover was important in the development of the Australian style of painting.


Glover came to Tasmania in 1831. He was already a well-known and respected landscape painter in England. 


He was an artist who tended to stay within “normal” techniques of painting.

australian artists

Initially, he received poor reviews in Australia as it was thought that he failed to depict the local scenes in an accurate enough form. However, he developed his own style and did succeed in receiving recognition for his works 

showing the Tasmanian landscape as possessing wonderful clear light.

John Glover - Mount Wellington and Hobart Town from Kangaroo Point

This made his Australian art stand apart from his European art. The amount of art he produced in Australia make him a true pioneer in Australian Landscape works of art.

Australian Artist - Tom Roberts

In 1869 he migrated to Australia with his family and took up residence in Collingwood. He payed for art tuition by working as a photographers assistant, right through the 1870’s.


He became great freinds with another artist, Frederick McCubbin. 

australian artists
Tom Roberts - Shearing the rams

Roberts painted a lot of his work in the country. He painted country people at work on the land a great deal. Roberts was indeed a prolific artist who created a large number of oil paintings, both landscapes and portraits.


One of his largest works, “The Shearing Of The Rams” (above) is exhibited in The National Gallery Of Victoria.

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