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australian art forum

Australian Art Forum

I did a lot of searching and struggled to find an Australian Art Forum. One made for Australian artists, not American or European. While Wet Canvas is good art forum, it does seem to get swamped by US content.
I propose to host an art forum for Australian artists on my personal site. I will prevent abuse by spammers by having safeguards in place. This will also stop people looking for free backlinks.
If enough of you, my fellow artists, are keen on a forum for Australians, Set up will take a month to six weeks. As the forum grows as it may become too much for one person to maintain. There will be a need for volunteer moderators when that happens. After all, I want to paint too.
Artists working in all mediums will be welcome to use the forum. I will be adding forum categories for artists working in glass, wood and ceramics too.
This Australian Art Forum will be completely free to use. No catches.
Please register your interest in the forum by using the form below.

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