Asteroid Headed For Earth

Asteroid Headed For Earth
Chris Stefanis

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Asteroid Headed For Earth

I have seen at least two movies with the theme of an asteroid heading for Earth. They have both successfully saved the world. But what if it were to really happen?

meteor showers

Scientists have said that if we were to face the prospect of an ELE*, and dealt with the approaching asteroid by blowing it to pieces with nuclear weapons, the effects would be devastating.

The asteroid would, indeed, disintegrate. The pieces would still be highly likely to come into our atmosphere. A large proportion would burn up, but some would still hit the Earth. But worse still, all of the pieces would be radioactive from the nuclear strike, meaning that the entire planet would become radioactive. Not an ideal way to go then.

What they suggest is to send up rockets that would land on the asteroid and fit the asteroid with thrusters, enabling us to alter its course enough to avoid Armageddon.

The second idea is to fit immense sails to it, thus catching the solar winds and again diverting it from Earth.

A third, rather fanciful option if you ask me, is to place a huge magnifying glass between the sun and the asteroid. This would be used to heat the surface of it to a point where it would rupture. This would release gases compressed within the asteroid to vent acting like air escaping a balloon and send it away from us.

Scientific communities have been working on these theories for decades,

Why? Because the possibility of an asteroid is not a question of if, but when. NASA has already stated this.

*Extinction Level Event

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