Coast Guards and Assistance Dog Day Is Today

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Assistance Dog Day

Our Assistance Dogs do more than act as guide dogs for the blind.

Assistance Dogs Australia was born out of the need a couple had for their own child. After a visit to the USA (where they had to go for a dog at that time), they obtained a dog for their daughter. Seeing the difference the dog made to their child’s daily life, was the catalyst for more action.

That couple was Hannie and Robert Bigg OAM and they are still actively involved with Assistance Dogs Australia along with sons Andrew and Gavin.

A staggering 1 in 5 people in Australia are living with a disability.

Why should you donate to the organisation?

It costs around $35,000 to train, feed, house, have vet treatments and place an assistance dog with a client over a two year period.

The dogs are provided to the disabled client totally free of charge. The organisation does not receive any government assistance. It is only through the philanthropic donations of people like yourself that it continues to provide an essential aid to those living with a disability.

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Our Coast Guards

Amongst other things, it is the duty of our Coast Guard to protect our waters from illegal fishing by boats from other countries.

They can stop Australian boats too and check on the catch they have, ensuring it is within bag limits with fish of legal size.

Preventing drug runners from reaching our shores is another important duty.

Not all glamour

Our Coast Guards also have the unenviable task of recovering bodies lost at sea.

This could be because a vessel has got into trouble and been capsized. Or someone washed overboard.

Sadly, they spend a fair amount of time searching for a fisherman who has been washed off rocks. While not always the case, his death could have perhaps been prevented by tethering himself to a solid stake.

According to a report in The Daily Telegraph, rock fishing is Australias most dangerous sport

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